Panoramic view of cliffs in National park
Lake Bled with St Marys church - Slovenia
Panoramic view of cliffs in National park
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Lake Bled with St Marys church - Slovenia
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Lake Bohinj through forrest
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Discover Slovenia & Croatia

Small groups, unique food & wine experiences, off the beaten track – Never miss a highlight! Slovenia & Croatia tours

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Hidden Treasures

Explore this pristine countryside and be prepared to be taken to Hidden Treasures others do not get to see

Taste the best wines and awarded wines from Slovenia and Croatia - All our tours

Wine Tasting

Stimulate your senses when you tour local wineries in unique family settings.

Taste the best cousin from Slovenia and Croatia - All our tours

Local Cuisine

Locally-sourced products where flavours tantalise you, this is food for your soul!

Experience Slovenia and Croatia in luxury - All our tours

Discover the Islands

Pure bliss, 7 days of sailing. Immerse yourself into a paradise of turquoise seas, quiet islands and picturesque port townships.

Croatian Sailing…

Discover the pristine Islands of Croatia

Afternoons of lazing on your yacht while your skipper navigates you through this spectacular area with the clearest waters of stunning blues.
They say that Croatia is the land of 1,000 islands. Its pristine beauty, untouched in many areas that are only accessible by the sea, it is a breath of fresh air.
Visiting local Venetian villages, sightseeing the fortresses, and medieval towers. Taking the time to taste the local cuisine, indulging in a wine or two at the quaint taverns and night strolls along the cobblestone paths taking in the moonlight over the ocean. It is like being in another world, it is your hidden treasure.

Picture yourself here…

Explore the natural beauties of Slovenia with us - Slovenia & Croatia tours

Fun fact: Slovenia is the only country in the world with “love” in its name. Slovenia takes your breath away with its pristine rivers and waterfalls, endless natural harmony of the untouched mountains, diverse flora and fauna, in abundance all year round.

Did you know Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe and one third of it is protected?

Soak into your surroundings and take all your worries away while we drive you through this everchanging countryside. They often say, Slovenia, “a country small in size, big in heart.”
Join us on our tour and discover this unique country yourself.

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Nature’s dreamland…

Slovenia & Croatia’s National Parks

Lake Bled has it all; this bluish-green lake, oasis island, quaint church, 99 steps, and a medieval castle clinging to a steep and rocky cliff! You will want to stay forever immersed in the stories of this magical area. A bonus is a visit to the island of Bled on a traditional boat called “pletna”. Yes, Lake Bled is exactly like in the postcards!
A pleasant stroll along the shoreline of Lake Bled is the perfect way to end your time here, admiring the Julian Alps as a picturesque backdrop. But wait, before you head off, it is a must to stop and treat yourself to a piece of the famous Kremsnita “Vanilla Slice.” Let us organize your Slovenia & Croatia tours.

Like in a fairy tale...

Lake Bohinj - Slovenia & Croatia tours

Lake Bohinj is much quieter and is perfect for lovers of nature. Lake Bohinj is the ideal choice to relax and take in the stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains or you could hire a kayak and simply cruise around. From here the majestic Savica waterfall is not far away. From the carpark to the Savica waterfalls is a twenty-minute easy hike that takes you on a rainforest walk up to this unique site.

Savica waterfall is simply breathtaking, this unique waterfall is one of the very few in the world – there are two parts to this watercourse, divided and hidden underground. To see Savica Waterfall from the visiting area you can seek out and take as many photos as possible of the famous A-shaped waterfall. The hike from the car park takes around 20 minutes or so and worth the “wow” when you see the huge amounts of water cascading down into the ponds below. This is one of the many highlights of our tour.

Land full of adventure...

Soca river - Slovenia & Croatia tours

Soca River, set in the heart of Triglav National Park has a breathtaking feel; when you visit the river with its distinct emerald green colour you are enchanted by its freshness and tranquillity.
Enjoy this natural beauty, as water flows across waterfalls and narrow rocky gorges winding along 138 kms of river courses, creating endless canyons and pools. As you walk beside the path of the Soca River you may catch a glimpse of the local fishermen trying their hand at fly fishing; waiting to catch the famous Soca trout.

The beauty never ends...

Kornati islands

Kornati Islands are a nautical paradise, with their numerous coves, crystal blue seas and incredible natural beauty. The quietness and serenity you experience is perfect for rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Each island in the Kornati area has its own charm, they are the Hidden Treasures of Croatia, the place where you can hide from the real world and immerse yourself in nature’s garden.

Krka National park is one of the most preserved nature lovers’ heavens. This vast area is a natural phenomenon. A garden of Eden, showcasing waterfalls, pristine rivers and lakes, with wildlife in abundance. It is easy to see why Krka National Park is one of the most serene natural wonders of the world.

Contrasting colours…

Discover a different world

Postojna Cave was first discovered in the 17th century by a famous Slovenian explorer named Janez Vajkard Valvasor. Postojna cave remained a secret until 1818 when a new area of the cave was found and opened up to the public. Today you take the tourist train into the depths of Postojna Cave, then stroll the pathways in awe of the magnificent cave formations. Each of the formations in Postojna Cave has been shaped by tiny droplets of water with calcium over millions of years, creating this fascinating subterranean paradise. It is extremely cold (constant temperature between 8 – 10 degrees) in the cave so definitely bring a warm jacket, gloves and hat.

Skocjan Caves are different from Postojna Caves, it is less crowded which allows you to take your time to stroll around this extraordinary series of limestone caves, encompassing kilometres of beautiful underground passages, deep chasms, waterfalls and underground lakes. Skocjan Caves contain Europe’s largest underground gorge and thus became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. Slovenia & Croatia tours for you.

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Postojna cave in Slovenia - Islands of Kornati Archipelago National Park - Slovenia & Croatia tours

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