Lake Bled in Slovenia Europe

Lake Bled, one of the most visited areas in Slovenia.

A walk through the Bled Castle and photos out over Lake Bled and the Baroque church is a must do for anyone visiting this area. Another way to gain another perspective of this beautiful area is to take a boat tour around the church, giving you a ‘waters eye view’ of the island. Make sure you take note of the bell, as the legend goes the bell was cast from the chapel in memory of the lost husband of a young widow, Poliksena who once lived at Bled Castle. When the bell was being taken by boat to the Island, a terrible storm struck, sinking the boat and crew to the depths of the lake. The story goes that the bell still rings. After the widow Poliksena died, the Pope sent a new wishing bell to Bleds Island, which is the one you see today.
After a wonderful stroll around most of the shoreline of Lake Bled in Slovenia we found Zima Café (which means winter) and sat, enjoying the sunshine and a famously delicious vanilla slices (kremsnita)!

Travelling with Uros is fantastic, so easy, I find the language is a barrier for me, but not for him obviously. He was telling me it is important to know which café produces the best Kremsnita at Lake Bled. While all of them are mouth-watering, there are still differences in the consistency and quality.
Feeling full of all of nature’s experiences, these beautiful sights and an incredible feeling of happiness within ourselves, we headed back to stay in the village of Kamnik. We did however stop at Sobec Camp grounds which are one of the most luxurious in the area near the Sava river, another great river for white water rafting (they are everywhere here!)”

In addition to our information, you can check out this link to their National Tourism Agency

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