Lake Bohinj & Savica Waterfall

Today I realised I am in love with Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj:

It’s Friday, and we’re heading in our trusty campervan to visit the majestic Lake Bohinj and then onto the awesome outlook of Savica waterfall. It’s a bit cooler today, with light rain falling, but that won’t deter us, there’s exploring to be done! As we walked the 20 mins or so up along the relatively easy pathway to the Savica waterfalls, Uros told me of the famous Slovenian poet France Preseren, who not only wrote a poem about the Savica falls, but one of his other poems, Zdravljica is still used as the Slovenian national anthem. By this time we’d reached the small hut at the top of the Savica waterfalls, a wonderful place to sit and take in the stunning views of not just the falls, but the cliffs and surrounding forest. The view is just breathtaking! 

Savica waterfalls:

The walk back from Savica waterfalls saw us run into a local man selling yummy cheese, which made for an excellent impromptu lunch of cheese sandwiches. We then headed off for a quick stop at Lake Bohinj to get the traditional photo with the Alpine mountain goat statue that stands proudly looking after and over the lake. Lake Bohinj is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the glorious natural beauty around you or if you’re more energetic, go hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, kayaking or even a spot of fly-fishing. For me, it was lovely to simply lay and watch the world go by.

In addition to our information, you can check out this link to their National Tourism Agency

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