Five reasons why Slovenia is a must

Five reasons why Slovenia is a MUST visit. A “bucket list” destination for sure!

Geographical diversity:

There are four geographical regions in Slovenia:

  • Pannonian Plain
  • The Alps
  • Dinaric Karst
  • Mediterranean Coast

In the post we will try to explore Five reasons why visit Slovenia. With small distances between each region you can easily wake up in the morning surrounded by endless mountain tops, explore subterranean caves throughout the day, then swim in the vast clear sea in the afternoon.

We do however, recommend you to spend more time exploring all areas with no time limits, especially the Caves of the Dinaric Karst region.

Postojna for example is very popular with families as the train ride through the cave is huge attraction for the kids as they journey deep into the cave. Visiting Postojna during the week, first thing in the morning (first tour is at 9am in summer time or 10am for the rest of the year) or late in the afternoon (last tour is at 5pm) are preferable times to avoid the big crowds and tour buses flowing in.

Skocjan Cave has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1986, it is less crowded than Postojna, with, I believe, even more spectacular scenery. River Reka disappears into the cave and creates majestic canyons and underground chambers. One of those chambers – Martel chamber is considered to be the largest discovered underground chamber in Europe being 146m tall, 120m wide and 300m long.

One of the highlights of the Slovenian Alps is Velika Planina is definetly one of the five reasons why visit Slovenia.

Velika Planina is in the heart of Kamnik-Savinja alps and has a plateau- Velika Planina (Big pasture) where local Sheppard’s still bring their cattle every summer (June-September). You will find special Sheppard villages there, rebuilt after the Second World War, in the same style, using original materials and methods.  The plateau is at 1600m and easily accessible by cable car on one side or you have the option to drive almost to the top from the Cernivec side. From this point it is about 30 min stroll to the first village. Local cuisine is available at the mountain retreats, this wholesome food is made from scratch using local ingredients. Handy Tip: Take cash, no credit cards accepted.


We have tantalised you with a small portion of this uniquely stunning country – then there is the more famous areas such as Bled and Bohinj lakes, Savica waterfall, Kranjska Gora, the ever-changing colours of Soca River and even Planica – the mountain famous for “Ski Flying”.

Fine dining – “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” this quote is so true of this region and the experiences you will have.

There are many businesses focusing on delivering unique dini

Velika planinang experience in very intimate environment with maximum capacity between 10 to 20 people. Therefore, interaction with guests is guaranteed and overall experience for both hosts and guests is more fulfilling. There is nothing quite like sitting around with friends or travel buddies, having great conversations about your day, over a delicious meal and a glass of incredible wine.

We highly recommend for you to share an experience in the Goriska Brda region, but don’t forget about Sentjanz as well. Always ask the locals which ones they would choose!

Wine tasting is definetly one of the five reasons why Slovenia is a must

There are three major wine regions in Slovenia: Podravje region, Posavje region and Primorska region, within each region there many more small unknown local wine makers. Each of these regions are worth visiting as they all contain truly magnificent wines.

Slovenian wines have become more and more renowned internationally, especially over the past 10 years, this has been proven at the biggest world wine awards, the Decanter.

Below are the Slovenian Platinum and Gold medal winners for the past three years:

  • 2018 Platinum medal winners: Razman – Malvazija Antiqua 2015, Gross- Colles 2015, Klet Brda Bagueri Ribolla Gialla 2013
  • 2018 Gold medal winners: Gasper- Pint Grigio 2017, Jakoncic – Carolina red 2015, Simcic – Leonardo 2011 and Kupljen- Aldebaran 2017
  • 2017 Platinum medal winners: Bjana for Rose Brut, Buzinel Brda for Ice wine 2009 and Puklavec family wines for Sipon seven numbers 2015
  • 2017 Gold medal winners: Bjana – Brut, Jakoncic – Carolina white 2013, Marjan Simcic – Opoka Ribolla 2013, and Vino Gross – S.J.I. Furmint 2013
  • 2016 Platinum medal winners: Bjana for their Brut Zero 2010 and Jakoncic for Carolina Ribolla 2013
  • 2016 Gold medal winners: Jakoncic for Carolina white 2012, Jeruzalem Ormoz- yellow muscat 2015, Ptujska klet – Pullus 2011 and Vino Gross – Colles 2013

We are very fortunate to have personally worked alongside with some of these wine makers on our visits to Slovenia.

We do enjoy visiting them each time we go back and we are sure you would love this experience too.  We have attached a list of Slovenian winemakers currently attachedon Wikipedia:

Please note the list is not complete however it gives you some great ideas on who to visit.

Outdoor activities

Where to start? There are endless opportunities from basic activities such as walking/hiking to more demanding as mountain or rock climbing, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, then skiing and ski jumping in winter…..

Whether you want to try them on your own,in a group or with the professionals, all options are available for you in almost every part of Slovenia. You can get some ideas on this link or send us an email with your request and we will point you in the right direct with information and guidelines.

Connecting with locals and their way of living, local produces are the best.

 You need to escape from the big cities (it is not like Slovenia has big cities-compared with other countries) But I always find it easier to talk with people from small townships.

That’s where you can really unwind. Switch off all of your devices and smell the flowers. Everything slows down, there is no urge to do things fast. You can engage in conversation with random people about growing vegies and fruit which can easily last for hours. Help locals on their garden or farm and you will end up with the whole bucket of goodies at the end of the day. And beautiful thing about it that it is all organic.

In addition to our information, you can check out this link to their National Tourism Agency

Want to attend a Slovenia touring arrangement? Check our offer:

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