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Lake Bled is even more stunning seen from above
A meal in the green lush nature of Slovenia
Lake Bled is even more stunning seen from above
A meal in the green lush nature of Slovenia
Beautiful resort near the seaside in Croatia

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Away from the crowds and big cities - All our Tour

Small groups, unique experiences, off the beaten track – Never miss a highlight!

We present all our tours. We pride ourselves by working with small, family run businesses who put their heart and soul into creating their dreams. We have carefully selected some of the best dining experiences around Slovenia.

Hidden Treasure Tours takes you to Slovenia and Croatia - All our tours

Hidden Treasures

Explore this pristine countryside and be prepared to be taken to Hidden Treasures others do not get to see.

Taste the best wines and awarded wines from Slovenia and Croatia - All our tours

Wine Tasting

Stimulate your senses when you tour local wineries in unique family settings.

Taste the best cousin from Slovenia and Croatia - All our tours

Local Cuisine

Locally-sourced products where flavours tantalise you, this is food for your soul!

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Discover the Islands

Pure bliss, 7 days of sailing. Immerse yourself into a paradise of turquoise seas, quiet islands and picturesque port townships.

Repovz, specially prepared meal for our tour

Delicious food in intimate environment

Gostilna Repovz

Our first stop is in Dolenjska region where we visit a restaurant that has been in the family for nearly 300 years, that is six generations already!  The Chef in the kitchen Meta, has received an honourable reward from Gault & Millau – Chef of Tradition 2019!  Although Repovz are firmly rooted in tradition, they continually compliment their menus with new ideas, serving organic food in a modern and creative way.  Everything they put on the table comes from their soil, which requires a lot of time, work and knowledge.

Slovenian traditional dishes

Celebrity chefs

When you tour with us, there is an organised cooking class with celebrity chef – Julijana Krapez, she combines her incredible talents to teach you how to make traditional Slovenian dishes and more modern dishes using only local ingredients. It is a wonderful afternoon with this lovely rising star of Slovenian cuisine.

Fine dining at Repovz
The local cuisine served beautifully for our guests

Fine dining - exquisite plating

Goriska Brda

In Goriska Brda region we organise not one, but two major fine dining experiences. A five course degustation at Kabaj Morel wine estate, one of the top 100 wineries in the world according to Wine & Spirits magazine. This degustation is complimented by wine pairing, carefully selected from wines direct from their own winery.

Exploring Slovenian regions with variety of influence from the past

B&B Klinec

We also create a magical night for you at B&B Klinec, where Uros is not only famous for creating extravagant dishes which are made right in front of you (his kitchen is open for you to see all) but also for his home made prosciutto, aged for 55 months! His prosciutto is mainly bought by Italians!  We have a chuckle, as shouldn’t Italians make the best prosciutto?

Uros Klinec doing what he does best
Hotel Kamnik is situated in the charming city of Kamnik - the homecity of your guide

Small family run accommodation

Gostilna Repnik

The same goes with accommodation on all of our tours. You do not need to worry about elevators not working or long queues at the reception.  Our selection of the accommodation follows the same rule. We make sure our guest have a name and are not just a number!

Traditional Slovenian accommodation

Tradition and prestige in all our tours

Some of the places we stay in have a traditional touch, like the hotel in Kamnik for example, with every ro0m reflecting  Slovenia’s heritage – big spacious rooms with furniture that journeys you back in time.

Some have history; the hosting of former presidents, like the hotel in Bohinj. This particular hotel has also received numerous awards and certificates for their cuisine.

Double room with balcony
Gotilna Repnik - view from the balcony

Spectacular views

Then there are others who have spectacular views over the valley and windows on the ceiling, so you can lay back and observe the magical sky before falling asleep.

Our tours are authentic to make each person who travels with us feel special.  We want you to have everlasting memories of a holiday never to be forgotten.